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To deter cheating, a gateway page has been put up. Click the link below to Finalize your vote.

Enter without voting - Hello i can I promote referral link to get subscribers Can your site develop my business by getting big referrals for referral l Each platform user can be in three statuses at the same time – they are"Holder", "Manager",”client”. The first status is “holder” "Holder" is the one who buys "ads-tickets" for $0.01 at the preview, and after the start they are sold in the platform register for $10.00. In such a way at the preview "Holder" obtains advertising tickets 1,000 times cheaper than the box office price is, and it means that after starting advertising tickets will be sold in the platform register for “clients” 1000 times more expensive. ( 0,01$ х1000=10$ ). As a result, "Holder" will get its assets increased 1000 times. "Holder" can invite other "holders" and receive 10% of their purchases at the preview. The second status is “client” "Client" is someone who uses the services of advertising platform. Buys "ads-tickets" ( билеты ) in the platform register and activates"ads-blockboard"by them( 1 ticket = 1block+board per month. ) Available loans: 120$ - 12 months 240$ - 30 months (+ 60$ as a present) 600$ - 120 months (+ 600$ as a present) The third status is “manager” "Manager" is the one who invites and accompanies customers. Rents a set of five advertising block boards and sublets them separately. "Manager" pays 25$ for "blockboards set" and rents 5. ads-blockboards,which he is obliged to sublet during 30 days. sublets: - 1 "blockboard" a week, "manager" earns 1.200$/month.. - 1 "blockboard" a day, "manager" earns 7.800$/month..